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It Doesn’t Look Like Google Did Much to Block Debt Relief Companies From Advertising

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I noticed that very little has changed with the new google rules regarding advertising debt relief services. National Debt Relief, Freedom Debt Relief, and a slew of lead generation companies are advertising just as if the rules never changed other than some of them referring to also offering debt consolidation loans. Are there any updates on this google rule? I wonder why Google even bothered to announce they were restricting debt relief companies.

Thanks, Steve!


Google did announce a new rule allegedly restricting debt relief advertising.

First off, they can certainly do and say two different things. It does not appear Google has updated their policy but found companies that apparently meet their debt relief certification standards.

Google still says to receive Debt Services Certification the company must:

At the end of my initial article on this issue I even predicted the new Google policy would amount to much.

The logical answer why Google would have rolled out the change is in a reaction to potential liability issues by online service providers, like Google. Sometimes it is just as easy to be seen doing something while not doing much. Or maybe I’m just feeling cynical today.

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