Is It Wise to Take Cash Value Out of a Life Insurance Policy to Pay Off Credit Card Debt? – Tess

Tess “Dear Steve, Is it wise to take cash value out of whole life policy to pay off credit card debt? Tess” Dear Tess, Now there is a tip that I often forget about. I just run into few people that have significant cash value in life insurance these days. The answer to your question …

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Do I Need Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance? – Amy

Amy “Dear Steve, Do I need term life insurance or whole life insurance? I have both and I have cash value in my whole life policy that I am considering cashing in to pay off my credit card debt. Is it a good idea to cancel my whole life policy to pay off my credit …

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I’ve Been Unemployed And Behind on My Discover Card. They Are Suing Me. – Liz

Liz “Dear Steve, I have been unemployed due to downsizing since June 2008. I fell behind on my Discover card payments, and now they are suing me for $10,000 plus court costs and interest. I can’t make ends meet on my unemployment check, and even that is due to run out in May. I am …

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