Check ‘n Go is Taking Advantage of Me and I’m a Struggling Senior

Question: Dear Steve, I am a longtime senior stuck in the predator web of Check n Go. November 2015 I went into pay my $300.00 loan and the clerk offered me a $3000.00 loan and I bit and made the installment loan and I have paid 8 payments of $400.00 (total of $3200.00) and I … Read more

Check ‘n Go Says They Can’t Offer Me the EPP or Extended Payment Plan. – Gene

“Dear Steve, I took out a $5,000 Check n Go loan last year. I have to pay back $998.00 every month. At that time, I was able to do that when I agreed to the terms of the loan. Now, I have run into a financial hardship and I’m not able to pay that amount. … Read more