FTC Goes After Company Selling Pills and Diabetes Advice With Telemarketers

Credit card modification is not a magic solution for all debt problems

In a suit filed by the FTC it is alleged the FTC investigator called the telemarketing number for NoBetes and “In one instance, for example, the telemarketer stated that the “promotion we have today, sir, is a natural supplement that will help you regulate the sugar levels in your blood.” He then advised that “this …

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Evangelical Minister Faces 150 Years In Prison For Selling A Bogus Cancer Cure

Christine Daniel was found guilty of federal charges for selling a bogus cancer cure to dozens of patients across the United States. Daniel faces a potential 150 year prison sentence and $5.5 million for her 11 counts of: four counts of mail and wire fraud, six counts of tax evasion with regard to her personal …

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Medicare Fraud By “Erectile Pump” – Really, I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

In my research lately I’ve found story after story of Medicare or health insurance fraud. After a while, day after day, story after story, it all tends to run together. Except for the doozey I’m about to inform you all about. This one stands out and/or up. Gary Winner, an Illinois resident and owner of …

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