My Partner Was Kicked Out for Domestic Violence and Now I Can’t Afford the House. – Victoria

“Dear Steve, I own a home with my fiance. He was arrested for domestic violence (that didnt start until we bought the home, go figure) and has a restraining order on him. He has stopped paying his half of the mortgage and our bills. I contacted our lender (Bank of America) and they said my …

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I’m in a Lesbian Relationship and I Want Out. – Ann

“Dear Steve, I am in a domestic partnership. My partner and I are not married and do not have any form of civil partnership. We bought a house and we are both on the mortgage and deed. We also bought a car, and I’m a cosigner but I’m not on the title. My partner is …

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My Fiance Attacked Me and Left Me In Debt. I am a Victim of Domestic Violence. – JoAnn

“Dear Steve, I’m 75 yrs old. Was disabled to Social Security in 1997. When 65yrs, disability was changed to regular SSI. In 1999, my husband died of cancer and my income was then his SSI. He took care of all bills, therefore I was illiterate to bookkeeping. I receive $2002.00 monthly. Rent and utilities are …

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