I Want to Get Out of Debt Without Bankruptcy. – Kristy

Kristy “Dear Steve, I’m recently divorced and left drowning in debt. I have 2 mortgages, 3 credit cards, a car pmt, a personal loan owing $1500, and almost 3,000.00 in medical bills. I dont make enough money to cover all my expenses and finding a part time job has been impossible lately. What do you … Read more

What Should I Do to Get Out of Debt? – Jules

Jules “Dear Steve, With 30,000 in credit card debt, 20,000 in loans, is consumer credit counseling best or should I try to consolodate 6,000 more in fixed loan and ccc the rest.? Or Bankruptcy? Right now credit cards are increasing APR’s and I feel like I am drowning. Credit rating is 680’s. I also have … Read more