Estate Law Group / Sameer Qadri (Documentation) – Consumer Complaint – April 3, 2013

Consumer Statement: I retained the services of Estate Law Group (Sameer Qadri Esq.) in September 2012 to modify my mortgage. I was told that they deal directly with my lender and for a fee of $3690.00 they would modify my loan to save me $900.00 a month. They stated the process usually takes 2-3 months. …

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Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – March 27, 2013

Consumer Statement: Estate law Group, took all our personal information and $3,650.00 and told us they would do a Loan Modification with our lenders. Once they had our information and money we never heard from them again. They had Never contacted our lenders or had done anything to help us get a Loan Modifications. Just …

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Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint (With Letter) – March 26, 2013

Consumer Statement: Estate Law Group was paid by me over 3000.00 to help me with bank of america in comming up with a home loan modification. After sending them documents requested since Oct of 2012 and recieving phone calls and e mails from them, I thoght things were going forward. The last e mail I …

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Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – March 24, 2013

Consumer Statement: I was contacted by the Estate Law Group (Alan C. Worthy) 2101 Business Center Drive, Irvine, CA informing me they could represent me in preventing foreclosure (w/the Bank of America) on my home for $3450.00. I made three bank transfers to Alan Worthy in the amount of $1150.00. After several attempts to reach …

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Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – March 18, 2013 (Documentation)

Consumer Statement: I was sent a card in the mail from Estate Law Group in Irvine, California about a loan modification to our existing mortgage, and it stated our lending companies’ name. I called the number on the card and was connected to a “case manager”. He said that I had to fill out all …

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Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – February 28, 2013

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: Estate Law Group, paid the $2500 retaner to a Bank of American account.(sould of kown there). to help me with a loan mod. for my house. The company never did a thing, but request pay stubs and not send them to the lender. Consumer Action Taken: I’ve called numorouse times, they were sitting …

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