Financial Education Services Fighting Back Against FTC Over Credit Repair Allegations

Financial Education Services Fighting Back Against FTC Over Credit Repair Allegations

The Federal Trade Commission sued Financial Education Services and others for selling credit repair and an alleged pyramid scheme business opportunity. Watching the court record, Financial Education Services is pushing back hard. However, the FTC just filed a document that makes a compelling argument why the credit repair company should have some concerns. You can … Read more

FTC Shuts Down Credit Repair Pyramid Scheme Financial Education Services, Which Bilked More Than $213 Million from Consumers

Wide-ranging Operation Promises Easy Credit Fixes, But Provides Worthless Services and Pitches Pyramid Scheme Where Few, If Any, Make Money The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against Financial Education Services and its owners, Parimal Naik, Michael Toloff, Christopher Toloff and Gerald Thompson, as well as a number of related companies, for scamming consumers out … Read more

Financial Education Services and United Wealth Services Credit Repair Sued by FTC

On May 23, 2022, Financial Education Services, United Wealth Services, VR-Tech, VR-Tech Mgt, CM Rent, Youth Financial Literacy Foundation, Parimal Naik, Michael Toloff, Christopher Toloff, and Gerald Thompson and into an FTC lawsuit and takeover. This is yet another credit repair operation that has run into regulators. Ironically, I wrote about this operation in 2012. … Read more

What Do You Think About Financial Education Services? – Marcela

“Dear Steve, Credit card debt. Company says it can help: www.protectionthatpays.com Hi Marcela, It was a pleasure speaking with you! Below you will find a lot of great information. About our company: www.protectionthatpays.com Agent testimonial video: https://vrtmg.financialeduservices.com/video/FESVideoTestimonial.htm (My husband is in this video) Our website for credit customers: www.united-credit.org (website for credit restoration program) Website … Read more