What Do You Think About Financial Education Services? – Marcela

“Dear Steve,

Credit card debt. Company says it can help:

Hi Marcela,

It was a pleasure speaking with you! Below you will find a lot of great information.

About our company: www.protectionthatpays.com

Agent testimonial video: https://vrtmg.financialeduservices.com/video/FESVideoTestimonial.htm (My husband is in this video)

Our website for credit customers: www.united-credit.org (website for credit restoration program)

Website for our Black Card & Protection Plan members: www.fesprotectionplan.com

Chat with you soon…

Tina Oliver~

Please let me know before i do this.


Dear Marcela,

The first link you sent me led to a video for Financial Education Services.

The video promotes what appears to be a multilevel program involving a debit card.

The Black Card membership program is claimed to earn you money when you and your friends use the membership. The membership claims to be able to improve credit scores.

I then looked at the other links in the email.




The agent link led to this video where apparent marketers talk about selling the program to make a lot of money.

The video also talked about having derogatory information removed from a credit report that was apparently accurate. But to use a credit report with accurate but negative information removed you wind up committing credit fraud.

In addition, no company can charge you any fee for credit repair services in advance of actually performing the service otherwise they are in violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Since the company claims to offer a money back guarantee it makes me believe they collect money in advance.

FES offers an exciting business opportunity that allows you to earn income with the convenience of a flexible schedule and very little investment. Be your own boss. Make your own schedule. As an independent sales agent, you choose the time you want to work. Stay at home. Sell online. As a company specializing in financial education, we offer a wide range of services with easy online customer enrollments. Reach limitless success. There is no cap to the amount of money you can earn. – Source

According to server records the following sites are on the same server:

  • catchmomentum.net
  • crediteduservices.com
  • fesconvention.com
  • fesprotection.com
  • fesprotectionplan.com
  • financialeducationservices.com
  • financialeduservices.com
  • financialeduservices.net
  • financialeduservices.org
  • fixandrepairmycredit.com
  • mycareplan.com
  • mycareplanonline.com
  • mycareplanonline.info
  • mycareplanonline.net
  • mycareplanonline.org
  • mypeaceofmind.info
  • mypom.info
  • shopforyfl.com
  • thedreamteamworldwide.net
  • unitedcreditcenters.com
  • youthfinancialliteracy.org
  • zibocard.com
  • financialeduservices.biz
  • united-credit.net
  • united-credit.org
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About Financial Education Services

State of Michigan records say the company is located at 37637 Five Mile Road, #397, Livonia, Michigan 48154

Michael Toloff – President
Gerald Thompson – Secretary
Christopher Toloff – Treasurer
Parimal Naik – Vice President
Jennifer Guest – Director
Parimal Naik – Director
Michael Toloff – Director
Gerald Thompson – Director
Christopher Toloff – Director – Source

In October of 2011 the assumed name of United Credit Education Services was terminated and picked up by the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation.

That organization has the following officers:

Parimal Naik – President
Gerald Thompson – Secretary
Michael Toloff – Treasurer
Parimal Naik – Director
Mike Curry – Director
Michael Toloff – Director
Les Keyshian – Director – Source

In 2010 the company became a non-profit corporation and is a registered IRS approved charity. There is no apparent public filing of their 990 tax return available online yet.

Their stated mission statement has nothing to do with credit repair. Instead it says:

At YFL, we understand the significant role that money and the handling of one’s personal finances plays in all of our daily lives. Our goal is to start young people off with the advantage of a sound financial education, giving them the best chance of establishing financial security and stability, affording them the best possible chance to live a productive and positive life.

I’m unclear on how moving United Credit Education Services, which does not appear to be targeted to kids is relevant unless they are trying to go for a perceived exemption from credit repair laws as a non-profit. Others have tried that approach, and failed. They try to claim an exemption by saying “UNITED CREDIT EDUCATION SERVICES IS EXEMPT UNDER THE CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATION ACT (15 U.S.C. §§1679, et seq.) AND IS NOT A CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATION. ALL SERVICES AND PRODUCTS PURCHASED BY A CONSUMER ARE PERFORMED BY EMPLOYEES OF UNITED CREDIT EDUCATION SERVICES.” – Source, Source. Just one problem with that statement, United Credit Education Services is not a company, just an assumed name for the youth foundation.

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Their Terms

In reviewing their terms, below, it appears the program does not include all of the services they present, for on monthly fee of either $87 per month or $47 per month.

Bottom Line

I’ve watched the videos and read through the site and frankly I don’t get it. It seems like a big marketing effort to sell you lots of somewhat related stuff. But what’s the underlying issue you are trying to address?

Are you looking for a will or a debit card? Are you trying to engage in credit repair or learn more about managing your money?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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7 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Financial Education Services? – Marcela”

  1. its $499 a year for the credit repair and there is a monthly payment option with no contract or obligation. You can pay $87 a month for all the additional financial services or you can pay for the services you want. I just recently started in the business 6 months ago. Its a great additional service to offer my clients and its providing me with a nice supplemental income and i really don’t spend much time doing it. It was actually cheaper for me to get in into the business $286, I still get all the services and Ive made back my initial investment 10 times over. I enjoy being able to help people get out of debt, generate wealth, and success. I dont know many people that are not over worked and unpaid at their current job!! Thanks for the post Steve, Im always looking at what the net is saying about the industry. What do you think about lead system pro??

      • The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the ability to dispute any and everything that is on their credit report for accuracy. Many people have old and outdated items on their credit report that are bringing their scores down. We have been in business 10 years, as you stated in earlier in the description of the company. Also, we are one, if not the only company that specializes in credit repair, with a A+ rating with the BBB. If our services did not work or we were somehow violating FTC regulations we would have been cited years ago.

        I agree there are other services out there and people can actually dispute these items themselves. But if more people were able or had the knowledge to do these types of things on their own I think they would.


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