I’m Drowning in Debt. How Can I Find Peace So I Can Be Happy? – Saskia

“Dear Steve, I feel as if I’m drowning in debt. My partner and I have reasonable jobs but we have taken loans to pay for three funerals, live in rented accommodation, have about £16k of debt and live beyond our means. I look at our monthly budget and despair. I’m getting overwhelmed and every conversation … Read more

Richard Asks “Who Is Better to Get Out Of Debt With, John Cummuta or Dave Ramsey?”

“Dear Steve, I’m considering both John Cummuta’s and Dave Ramsey’s systems to get out of debt and build wealth. Which is better? Richard” Dear Richard, Your question really made me stop and think and more importantly analyze what I was feeling about both. I’ve never met John but Dave and I crossed paths when I … Read more