Is First Choice Advocacy Legit?

Question: Dear Steve, I have multiple payday loans. A company offered me debt relief. Is First Choice Advocacy legit? Jamaal Answer: Dear Jamaal, I have written about First Choice Advocacy before and I would direct you to these posts. The term “legit” is always problematic. I have no idea what that means to you. As …

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How Do I Get First Choice Advocacy to Stop Contacting Me?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 2 payday loans, one I revoked and they charged the loan off supposedly. They continued to send in requests to my bank even when the dates weren’t authorized. The bank put a stop pay but they keep trying. I know I shouldn’t have even contacted these payday loan lenders, but …

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Can First Choice Advocacy Really Eliminate My Payday Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, I currently Have two Payday Loans that I am currently making Bi-Weekly payments on. These are very high yield Interest loans as most payday loans are structured. I end up paying a total of $700 a month to these payday loan companies via ACH withdraw from my Bank Account. These scheduled payments …

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