I Do a Crappy Job Keeping Up With My Credit Card Payments

Question: Dear Steve, I am a college graduate with both federal and private loan debt. On top of that, I have credit card debt which I am trying to pay off. However, poor decisions and lack of understanding of some terminology my credit score is very low. I am recently engaged and we are trying …

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My Husband and I Can’t Talk About Our Debt. The Stress is Terrible. – Melissa

“Dear Steve, married 6 months…i just dont know how to tell my husband that i have terrible debt…he seems to avoid hearing me and attempting to assume and responsibility to help me. It is putting my marriage at risk because I am so stressed….. i cant focus on the whole marriage be happy thing!!! I …

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I’m Not Good at Managing My Money. – Eletha

Eletha “Dear Steve, I make over $100,000.00 a year and I don’t know where my money is going. I have all my credit cards maxed out and I am living from pay check to pay check. Please help! My credit cards have high interest rates and I have asked them to lower but their answer …

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