Sound Advice to Help Struggling Families Thrive Throughout a Recession

I Took Out a Credit Card to Make Money for Dental Work and My Plan Didn’t Work. They Are Asking for Income Verification and Suing Me.

Signs of an impending financial downturn can strike fear in struggling families. Determine to get ahead by using the prospect of tough times to motivate yourself to turn your finances around and create generational wealth. Here’s some advice from the Get Out of Debt Guy to help. Manage Your Stress Polls indicate that the stress …

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What to Do With Extra Money


Whether you got a nice bonus at work, an unexpected inheritance, or sold something of value, coming into some extra cash can be an awesome thing. However, it also means you have a decision to make–what to do with that money? Before you start spending it, you might want to take a moment to come …

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9 Ways to Improve Your Financial Life

Like any goal, making it in life financially is a matter of developing good everyday habits. That doesn’t mean you need to overall your entire lifestyle and start sticking to a draconian budget starting tomorrow. Small, incremental changes in the way you manage your money—such as trimming back some of your recurring bills and putting …

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I Do a Crappy Job Keeping Up With My Credit Card Payments

Question: Dear Steve, I am a college graduate with both federal and private loan debt. On top of that, I have credit card debt which I am trying to pay off. However, poor decisions and lack of understanding of some terminology my credit score is very low. I am recently engaged and we are trying …

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Prosper Study Shows Americans Want to Do Better Financially

Prosper Marketplace, which operates an online marketplace that connects borrowers and investors, today released results from the Prosper Marketplace Financial Wellness Study, which examines the current state and sentiment around personal finance in America. The study revealed that nearly 60 percent of Americans do not have the financial freedom to enjoy life, but improving financial …

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I Mismanaged My Money and Lost Half My Income. – Robert

“Dear Steve, I am in credit card debt of more than $10,000, and need help managing my debt and restoring my credit rating can you help me or do do you know of an honest organization that will. I lost a high paying job right before the economy went bad and am working for half …

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After the New Truck and Dental Bills, We Can’t Afford Our Home. – Cassie

Cassie “Dear Steve, My fiance and I bought a house about a year and a half ago. When we purchased our home we were making more than enough money to pay ALL our bills. Since then, my fiance bought a truck and needed major dental work done… And on top of that, we have aquired …

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