We Tried to Sell Our House With a Short Sale But It Never Sold. Should We Let it Go to Foreclosure? – JoAnn

“Dear Andy, We have been in a bad mortgage for 7 years now where you only pay part of the interest and the rest gets tacked onto the principal well, we took the loan out for 347,000 but now owe 460,000. which the house isn’t even worth. For 4 years now we have been trying …

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I’m Currently in a Wachovia Pick-A-Payment Mortgage With Payments Increasing. – Teri

“Dear Andy, Mega credit card debit – totalling $60K- High interest rates on those cards up to 29%. Currently in a pickapayment mortage-Wachovia with payments ballooning. Husband and I both have great steady government jobs, but finding it extremely hard to support our 5 person family and keep up with the bills, let alone making …

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We Are Underemployed And Stuck in a Million Dollar Home. – ConfusedSD

ConfusedSD “Dear Steve, In 2005 my wife and I were both working and bought a house. The original value of the house was $1mm+, we put over $250k down, and we were both making more than $250k combined. In 2007 we both lost our jobs and were unable to find employment that paid as well …

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