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How to Pay Off a Shitload of Credit Card Debt

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How to Pay Off A Mountain of Credit Card Debt (via Credit.com) Credit card debt is a big problem in America today. One recent study found that 1 in 4 people have more credit card debt than savings. Households with credit card debt on average have about $15,000 in debt, and that makes it incredibly hard to make ends meet ... Read More »

    What’s the Best Way to Get Out of Our Debt in Five Years? – Peter

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    “Dear Steve, I have about $11,000 in credit card debt with APRs over 20%. My wife and I earn little income and are currently working on a mortgage modification for a lower payment. As part of our “get control of our finances” plan, we’re wondering what our best option (most affordable monthly payment, quickest way to pay off) is for ... Read More »

      I’m A Middle School Teacher And Not Saving Money. – Chris

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      “Dear Steve, Hi, I am a middle school teacher. I have 80K in student loans and 10K in credit card loans. I am trying my darndest to pay down the credit cards as fast as I can. I think (HOPE!) they will be paid off by the end of the next school year–May 2010. Then I can start attacking the ... Read More »

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