I Got a Call From Hoffman Schwartz & Associates Saying I Owe a Debt. – SAG

“Dear Steve, I got a call today on my cell phone from phone #404-893-4113 with the message”This is so and so with Hoffman (?) and (?). I am calling in regards to a compliant from Bank of America regarding check fraud. Please call me or have your legal representation contact me within 24 hours or … Read more

I Think I’m Getting Calls From a Phony Debt Collector With Pay Day Yes. – Cindy

“Dear Steve, Hi Steve … I’ve written to you previously regarding a different matter with the Cash Store. I had another pay day loan a few months ago (maybe 6 months) and had to default on it due to unforeseen household repairs. I made payment arrangements to pay them a reduced amount every 2 weeks … Read more