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I Got a Call From Hoffman Schwartz & Associates Saying I Owe a Debt. – SAG

“Dear Steve,

I got a call today on my cell phone from phone #404-893-4113 with the message”This is so and so with Hoffman (?) and (?). I am calling in regards to a compliant from Bank of America regarding check fraud. Please call me or have your legal representation contact me within 24 hours or I will have to file charges with District Attorney’s office in Louisiana”

First off I haven’t lived in Louisiana in ten years (I live in TX). Second I haven’t had a check account with Bank of America in 5 years (it was opened in TX. As far as I know there isn’t Bank of Americas in Louisiana). I’ve only had that cell phone for 5 years. Has anyone else gotten this type of message? If they wanted me for check fraud, wouldn’t BOA contact the District Attorney’s office directly and file charges? Seems like one of those debt collector trying to scare me? I try doing a reverse lookup on the phone # but no information found.


Dear SAG,

I called the number, you can hear my call below.

Now I could be wrong but a search online did not locate anything for a collection agency called Hoffman, Schwartz & Associates and the only Hoffman, Schwartz & Associates I could find was in area code 913, Kansas City. This 404 number was from Atlanta.

As you will hear it just goes into a general mailbox. That sure doesn’t sound like a professional debt collector. I actually called back and tried some different extensions and the system hung up on me.

If it is, as I suspect based on your information and my call, a phony debt collector, they are getting a bit more clever with a better answering message.

My gut reaction is that this is a variation of the phony collector scam going around. Read “A Debt Collector Keeps Calling Me From 212-500-0839 And Says I’ll Be Arrested. – Lavern” and listen to that call.

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Did the voice that left the message sound foreign?

UPDATE: Turns out I got the name spelled wrong. It is actually Hoffman, Swartz & Associates and their site is


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Update: June 15, 2010

As a comment stated below, apparently Hoffman Swartz & Associates is now Rosenthal Stein & Associates and did forget to remove the name Hoffman Swartz from their description. Thanks Leesa!

“There are no “up-front” fees at Hoffman Swartz & Associates” they say on the Rosenthal Stein site.

The new domain name is and is owned by:

Digital Compass
2870 Peachtree RD NW
Suite 492
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

And guess what, they also own the domain name

Apparently Belinda Gibbons is the President of Hoffman Swartz & Associates and probably now Rosenthal Stein & Associates. – Source

According to Georgia records Belinda Gibbons is the secretary of the company and the CEO is Paris Tauriac and the CFO is Nicole Marie Fountain. – Source

According to the State of Georgia, Rosenthal, Stein and Associates was incorporated on April 29, 2010. – Source

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  • I also got a call from Hoffman Schwartz. I actually did take out a payday loan so I guess this was legit. I didn’t like being threatened with arrest because of check fraud. I ended up setting up a payment plan of which they associate neglected to tell me that a monthly processing fee would be taken out. She kept trying to get me to pay more than I could afford. I still can’t afford the payment and now with the additional fee it is even worse for me. They won’t let me pay any other way. I shouldn’t have let them bully me into payment. But I didn’t want to take a chance that they could arrest me. I guess I should have talked to a lawyer before I made arrangements but I was scared. Can I debt colllector threaten you like this?


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