Federal Spousal Consolidation Loans Finally Have an Off Ramp

Happy Couple Tablet

Well, this took years and years, but politicians finally took some action to allow people trapped in Federal Student Loan Spousal Consolidation Loans a way out. The Spousal Consolidation Loan program was terminated in 2006. Still, it left no way for two people to get out of these loans if they divorced, died, or were …

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Kiss Your Ex-Spousal Consolidation Loan Goodbye

A glimmer of hope for all the good people trapped in those old horrid federal government Spousal Consolidation Loans for student loan debt. These loans have been a shame for many years. The Department of Education allowed spouses to put their individual loans together into one new loan but never provided people a way out. …

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Why am I Stuck With the Spousal Consolidation Loan When My Ex-Spouse Went Missing?

Question: Dear Steve, Spouse consolidation student loan. We divorced and I look into my credit I found this amazing surprise. What are my options as for repayment, loan forgiveness? I currently can’t afford to make any payments due to my income and I don’t qualify for deferment since ex-spouse is missing in action. Marie Answer: …

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Are My Spousal Consolidation Loans Really a Trap for My Ex-Husband?

Out of Money and In Debt

Question: Dear Steve, My ex-husband and I were married for 25 years during which we took out several student loans. We consolidated them as a Spousal Consolidation loan of about $50,000. After a divorce, bankruptcy it grew to $90,000. I’ve attempted to get deferments, forbearances, make a payment plan but he REFUSES to sign anything …

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Here is Why Spousal Consolidation Loans Are Such a Freaking Mess

Question: Dear Steve, I currently have two FFEL Spousal Consolidation Loans that are administered by Navient. My ex-wife and I consolidated our loans back in 2003 when we were married. We are now divorced. Also, There used to be four loans all together. My ex-wife’s two loans were recently discharged due to disability. It is …

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