Kiss Your Ex-Spousal Consolidation Loan Goodbye

A glimmer of hope for all the good people trapped in those old horrid federal government Spousal Consolidation Loans for student loan debt. These loans have been a shame for many years. The Department of Education allowed spouses to put their individual loans together into one new loan but never provided people a way out. … Read more

Why am I Stuck With the Spousal Consolidation Loan When My Ex-Spouse Went Missing?

Question: Dear Steve, Spouse consolidation student loan. We divorced and I look into my credit I found this amazing surprise. What are my options as for repayment, loan forgiveness? I currently can’t afford to make any payments due to my income and I don’t qualify for deferment since ex-spouse is missing in action. Marie Answer: … Read more

Are My Spousal Consolidation Loans Really a Trap for My Ex-Husband?

Out of Money and In Debt

Question: Dear Steve, My ex-husband and I were married for 25 years during which we took out several student loans. We consolidated them as a Spousal Consolidation loan of about $50,000. After a divorce, bankruptcy it grew to $90,000. I’ve attempted to get deferments, forbearances, make a payment plan but he REFUSES to sign anything … Read more

Here is Why Spousal Consolidation Loans Are Such a Freaking Mess

Question: Dear Steve, I currently have two FFEL Spousal Consolidation Loans that are administered by Navient. My ex-wife and I consolidated our loans back in 2003 when we were married. We are now divorced. Also, There used to be four loans all together. My ex-wife’s two loans were recently discharged due to disability. It is … Read more