I Am Confused And In Trouble With My Option Arm Mortgage. – Kim

Kim “Dear Steve, Husband and I take home $6,200 p/m. 1st mortgage $355k changes per libor 6 months, monthly $1300, 2nd mortgage $110k, 15 year fix, $867 p/m to end in 11 years. Home is upside down. value now $270k. Credit cards approx $45,000 about $760 p/m, car loans $37k, $529 p/m. no retirement/ira and …

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Our Debt is From IVF Treatments But We Are Also Underwater On Our Mortgage. – Rob

“Dear Steve, Key Points. Combined 150K salary with wife. 47K in CC debt (9 different accounts – all APR at 11% and below. 8k loan (0% interest for new windows for house). 80/20 mortgage with first loan I/O ARM (reset Feb 2012, at 6.75%, balance is 284K. Second mortgage at 8.58%, balance is 69,842. 38k …

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My Car Payments and Car Insurance Are Killing Me Financially. – Greg

Greg “Dear Steve, Car payments and car insurance are killing me financially! I don’t know what to do on my car payment anymore? I’m getting financially stressed! Its extremely high and I pay high interest, plus I have another car I owed on and traded it for this new car and what was left on …

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