Why Do We Still Have a Lien Against Our Home for a Second Mortgage Included in Bankruptcy? – Nichole

Question: Dear Steve, We filed bankruptcy in 2009. Never reaffirmed 1st or 2nd. We were under the false assumption that or second was eliminated by chapter 7. We have not heard from 2nd mortgage company in seven years and are trying to refinance. Can not do this because 2nd is still there. We now have … Read more

An Old Second Mortgage Holder is Now Suing Us Over a Foreclosed Property

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Can I Settle My Second Mortgage Without a Tax Liability? – Ellie

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Will Our Second Mortgage Vanish After Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Lisa

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My Chase Bank Second Mortgage Was Discharged in My Bankruptcy and Charged Off

“Dear Steve, Current on my first, discharged both 1st and 2nd mortgage in chapter 7, Chase charged off my 2nd, I have the money to pay Chase and bing my loan out of default. Since they charged off my loan they will not cure the default. I received a letter on 3/1/13 saying I had … Read more

What Will Happen When if I Stop Making the Second Mortgage Payments? – James

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Debt Relief Law Center Attorney Takes Cash to Modify Mortgages and Gets Disbarred Instead

A Los Angeles attorney accused of misappropriating $1.1 million from 10 clients has agreed to be disbarred, the State Bar announced Wednesday. In one of the largest misappropriation cases ever handled by the Office of Chief Trial Counsel, Vafa Allan Khoshbin [bar# 165486], 52, had promised clients he could get their first mortgages modified and … Read more

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