Put a Fork in P & E Solutions, Vertexsoft Corporation, and Safe Trust Financial.

The bankruptcy trustee in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases involving Safe Trust Financial, P & E Solutions and Vertexsoft Corporation requested an emergency motion on May 19, 2011 to seize the companies and convert the bankruptcy filings to a terminal Chapter 7 case. Unfortunately this almost guarantees the clients of those debt relief companies, as …

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What Do I Do Now That My Debt Settlement Company Filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? – Jeremiah

“Dear Steve, I am a graduate student in Kentucky. I have about 21,000 in credit card debt. I was/am working with a debt settlement company Vertexsoft Corporation. I learned about Vertexsoft’s bankruptcy from your website. My question involves what to do about my relationship with Vertexsoft. I’ve paid about 2,000 dollars through NoteWorld, but Vertexsoft …

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Intertwined Safe Trust Financial, Vertexsoft, and P&E Solutions All File Bankruptcy. Blame FTC.

On February 7th Safe Trust Financial, Vertexsoft Corporation and P & E Solutions all filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What follows is a review of the documents filed in that case to date. As of the date of this article, the case is ongoing and clients have been receiving notices from the bankruptcy court. …

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