LTD Insurance Wants Even More Money Out of Me Now – Albert


Dear Steve,

Initially LTD insurance company (Prudential) sent me an invoice for a claim overpayment of $19,767.00 once I received social security disability. I knew I owed that and immediately
paid it via check. They mailed me a receipt that says, “We have received your check . . . the overpayment on this claim has been resolved and paid in full.” Now, almost a year later they say they made a mistake and I actually owe them an additional $2,685.20 related to the very same claim.

Do I owe them? How is the best way to handle this?

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I wrote them a dispute letter within 30 days asking for validation but all they sent was an itemized print out that contains at least one incorrect amount (in my favor) of direct deposited monies into my account. Now they have turned it over to an outside collection firm and they have received (and ignored) my request for proof I owe them. Thank you.



Dear Albert,

You should really talk to a local consumer attorney to write a letter to them on your behalf. Hopefully you still have the receipt and statement it was paid in full. If so, I think this matter can be resolved with just the cost of the lawyer writing the letter.

One place to look for an attorney is through consumeradvocates.org.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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