How Can My Canadian Husband Get Into the U.S. With UAE Debt?


Dear Steve,

My family lived in Abu Dhabi for 5 yrs before we moved to Canada 6yrs ago. 2yrs before we left we took a loan to pay our rent about 30,000 and could not finish the payment before we left. We paid back more than half of the loan. One year later my husband got email from someone who claims to be a lawyer representing the bank only once from them and never heard from him again. In August we were going to the States and my husband was denied entry into the USA because according to the border officer there was a warrant for his arrest in the UAE.

My question is (1) what can we do to clear my husband to gain entry into USA after all he doesn’t have any case with the USA. We are Canadian citizens and he can’t go to the States that is like in house jail. (2) How can we clear the debt with UAE to resolve this issue.

Please we need your advice. Thanks



Dear Jennifer,

It’s unusual for someone to be banned for such an event. But I guess it is what it is.

The U.S. Customer and Border Protection agency has a process to deal with such issues. They do offer some very good advice on their website. They state, “It is also possible to contact the U.S. Embassy, Office of Consular Affairs in your resident country to request a waiver. The waiver essentially mitigates a legitimate reason to deny entry on the basis that the previous negative circumstance is no longer a significant concern.”

That would be a very comforting step to take since you could get the answer prior to your departure.

In fact the Customs and Border Protection website even has a specific page regarding what it you are denied entry into the U.S. and you are a Canadian.

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As far as clearing the debt in the UAE, you’d need to either negotiate a repayment plan with the bank back there to satisfy or settle the debt, or do nothing. Your options now are very limited.


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