What I’m Reading Today – 11-24-2020

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Since I spend my day researching important consumer debt issues, I thought I’d share with you the material that I found most fascinating today: Student Loan Losses Seen Costing U.S. More Than $400 Billion “The U.S. government stands to lose more than $400 billion from the federal student loan program, an internal analysis shows, approaching …

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Can I Be Chased for Debt From the UAE and India if I’m Living in Canada?

Question: Dear Steve, I absconded from DXB shortly after graduating from my master’s degree program in 2014. I was working full time for an airline and pursuing my studies during my time off and leave. I was fed up with the bullying from the company and (some co-workers) and had enough. The working conditions were …

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The Alan Thicke Article I Didn’t Have the Balls to Write

The Calgary Herald had the balls to write an article I passed on when it was announced Alan Thicke had unexpectedly passed away. Apparently people in Canada are just a bit bitter about Thicke’s role in Canadians falling into problematic debt settlement with Cambridge Life Solutions. You can read the full article here. Their headline …

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Will I Be Chased in Mexico for My Private Student Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, I am a Canadian who was given a USA private student loan with EdInvest that was then transferred to FirstMark Services, who now has my loan. I owe approximately 21000 USD and I am unable to make the loan payments. I do not live in the USA. I have 2 children and …

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