Can I Protect Myself in the UK From Debt Owed in Qatar?

“Dear Jon,

I left Qatar in June 2014 and I instructed the bank to clear the outstanding debts of about £12000 as I have enough money in my account. The bank confirmed as the time that I had enough money in my account and accepted to clear the funds. Bank clearance was given, as a requirement before I left the country in June 2014. I am now residing in the UK since then. I was hoping to have balance left in my account after the bank would have cleared the outstanding balance. While in the UK I was withdrawing money from the account with the impression that it was the balance left in my account.

I suddenly received email from Bilkish in November 2015 that I was owing the bank of QAR66000 and that I have to pay or otherwise face prosecution. They also gave my details to Oriel Collection in the UK to chase and threaten me with enforcement. In one of Oriel email to me, they claim that they have not purchased the loan but can still enforce the request on me. I have no mean to pay the loan now and there was no intention on my part to defraud the bank, except that the bank fails to fulfil my request for them to clear the loan. Please can you advise me what to do next. Thanks for your help.

1. What is my right now that I am residing in the UK.

2. What do I need to do now, as Oriel have threatened in their recent letter, to pass my account to their door steps collections partner.

3. I have not spoken to either Bilkish or Oriel except that I have been receiving letters almost weekly, what do I do with those two companies.

4. What is the best way forward for me.



Not that it makes your situation any better, but we are hearing more and more about people in your same set of circumstances, however, you do have options.

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There are times when an account or debt in another country, such as Qatar, the banks may assign the account to an agent in another country for collection.

In this instance, the UK.

The collection agency can collect the account in accord with the laws of that country, the UK. However, the debtor, in this instance yourself, are also afforded the protections and options in dealing with the collection of the account.

I have a few questions myself, such as what documentation do you have that shows the debt was cleared by the proceeds of your account there in Qatar?

Do you have any other accounts/debts in the UK or anywhere in the world?

Have you spoke with Bilkish/Oriel about the account?

Do you own any property or have any assets, in the UK or anywhere in the world?

As to your questions:

1) You have all the rights of anyone who has a debt/account in the UK. You can set-up a repayment plan such as a debt management plan, IVA, or even a Debt Relief Order or bankruptcy.

2) Speak to the collection company and inquire as to the status of the account, and what assistance they may be able to offer, or what repayment terms they may accept.

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3) Talk to them and see what they have to say. Get documentation the loan was not cleared, in addition to they now have been assigned to collect it.

4) If you cannot come to terms on the account as to repayment, and/or you have other debts, look at debt management options here in the UK. Speak to Step Change https://www.stepchange.org/ for advice. They are a free, non-profit debt management firm.

Get back to me after speaking to the collection agency, and we can see what is the best option for you.

Don’t make any promises of payment you know you cannot afford, and if the conversation seems bullying or you are uncomfortable in anyway, terminate the call, just put the phone down.

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I hope this helps.



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