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Mashreq Bank is Trying to Collect Money From Me Through Bilkish in the UK

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Jon,

I have an unpaid debt from 2007 when I was working in Qatar, I was given a credit card from the Mashreq Bank, I was out of the country when the company I was employed by went into liquidation. Consequently the bank never capped the interest rate and it now stands at approx 82k Qatari riyals.
My problem is I am not in a position to pay this amount of money and the debt has been handed over to Oriel collections/Bilkish Associates.

I am a UK national currently working on a short term contract in the UK, but reside in South East Asia.

The last contact I had with Oriel/Bilkish was May 2015, they have recently emailed me requesting contact to arrange settlement over this long overdue account.

What would you suggest I do please?



Do you have any other accounts/debts based in the UK, or anywhere in the world?

It appears the account has been either sold to, or given to an agent here in the UK (Oriel) to collect, which means they can collect the account in accord with the laws here in the UK. It also affords you all the debt management and insolvency laws for you to use.

You may want to speak to the collection agency and inquire as to what repayment plan or settlement offer they may accept.

Can you afford to repay the account, set-up some form of repayment, or settle the account?

As long as you are in the UK, and can show it is the majority or centre of your interests, you could look at the insolvency laws here to discharge the account. If you have other debts, you could consider a debt management plan, or other repayment plan.

Let me know, and we can look at this closer.



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