Is New Era Debt Solutions Legit and Should I Sign Up With Them?


Dear Steve,

I am about to sign up with New Era Debt Solutions are they legit. I am in a really bad way and already spoke to others like National Debt Relief and got scared away with their rush tactics, now I am talking to NewEra and everything I have seen on the web so far seems like they are a good fit but they all said they were the cheapest at around 14-15%. I got them to send me their packet to look at and they have me set for 23% and 48 months at around 500.00. What should I do?

I’m already into the IRS for about 40 grand but I am not looking to mess with that because I have the last 3 years of returns not filed and they have been accepting my payments of about 300/month for about a year now and I haven’t heard from them so I like it that way. HELP!

My next option with all this debt is a really tall bridge if you know what I mean I can’t handle it anymore. I have been paying perfectly, 100% paid as agreed for years and now with work slowing down because of the oilfield not working I can no longer keep up. I have used credit cards to get money to cover my account, to by groceries, gas and everything else but there are so many now that I can not handle it any longer and finally have 2 or 3 behind by a couple of months.



Dear Jim,

I know the guys behind New Era Debt Solutions and I’ve not heard any complaints from others that they can deliver what they sell.

In fact I love their openness about performance and transparency. This puts them ahead of most other similar companies out there.

But from reading your email it sounds like you are rushing to pick some solution in a panic before even knowing what you should do?

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I think before you react and do something you should first talk to a bankruptcy attorney licensed in your state. As New Era correctly says, “For the individual who cannot meet his or her debt obligations, bankruptcy may be inevitable. A formal declaration of bankruptcy stops the creditor collection process, and the debtor no longer owes some or all of the unsecured debt.”

Bankruptcy is typically the fastest way to a fresh start for the least amount of money. Additionally, some past tax obligations can be discharged in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a logical solution to consider in light of work slowing down and you can’t keep up. How would you ever be able to keep up with a payment plan to New Era or any company?

It’s time for you to read this, this and this.

After you talk your situation over with a local bankruptcy attorney, feel free to call New Era Debt Solutions back and review your situation again.

Just make sure you are doing the right thing for you moving forward. As a bonus, click here.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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