Is New Era Debt Solutions Legit and Should I Sign Up With Them?

Question: Dear Steve, I am about to sign up with New Era Debt Solutions are they legit. I am in a really bad way and already spoke to others like National Debt Relief and got scared away with their rush tactics, now I am talking to NewEra and everything I have seen on the web … Read more

To go bankrupt or not? – Chris

Hi, I’ve got about $35,000.00 in credit card debt, primarily work expenses from my last job. I was laid off six months ago and have been unable to make any payments on the credit cards since. I’ve also had a car repossessed and after auction owe about $16,000.00 on it still. I don’t think the … Read more

Bankruptcy or Debt Reduction. What Should I Do? – Brenda

My question is which is the best alternative: dealing with a company who promises to help reduce of eliminate the debt or file bankruptcy? Total credit card debt is around 40,000 and am keeping up the minimum payments but looking at the interest rates, the debts are likely not to be paid until years from … Read more

I Was in a Bad Relationship Which Has Left Me in Major Debt. – Cynthia

“Dear Steve, I was in a bad relationship in which has left me in major debt. I have not been able to keep up with payments, a debt consolidator slipped through a payment in which my checks are now being garnished by 25%. I cannot afford for my debt to take over. I want to … Read more

Is Bankruptcy Really For Me at 70? – Frank

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