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I Want My Damn Money Back From World Law

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I was working with World Law Group for over 4 years to help get me out of credit card debt. Then they filed bankruptcy and I haven’t seen nor heard anything about the money they were building up for me. That came to $8,108.00. I have no job or money of any kind now. I don’t own anything, so that $8,000.00+ is nothing for me to sneeze at. I want it back.

Can you find out where it went? I was going through the group in Texas or maybe Arizona. I can’t remember now.



Dear Lori,

Bad news. Don’t count on getting it back.

The World Law receiver website is here. If your claim was included in the bankruptcy case you would have received correspondence from the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy case is ongoing but it probably has a long time to go yet. I just looked at the current status and it’s dragging on.

If I was to guess, based on past similar debt relief company failures, I would think the amount you may recover from all this court action is $0-$100.

World Law was dubious from the start and didn’t just fail, it imploded massively.

Here is the notice that was sent to World Law clients in 2015.

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