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Joseph McGlynn and Found Incompetent by State

Written by Steve Rhode

Joe McGlynn appears to have finally received the boot from Minnesota. For those who may be unfamiliar, Joe McGlynn and iterations of United Credit Consultants, CreditServices,com, and Your Credit Teams have been problematically in the news.

In the past when I publish information about McGlynn, the comments get pretty nasty so we shall see what happens this time.

McGlynn and Minnesota have a troubled past together.

This latest round that was decided on March 15, 2017 is certainly a gloves off response by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. But this can’t be a surprise to McGlynn since he signed the consent order.

In the official document, the State said, “…Respondents have engaged in behavior that demonstrates untrustworthiness, financial irresponsibility, and incompetence that makes Respondents unqualified to provide credit repair services or debt settlement services.”

You can read the full consent order here.

Joe and Tara McGlynn. Credit CBS WCCO

According to the CBS station WCCO, “Tara McGlynn — his wife and the person in charge of billing as the company’s account manager — posted this to her Facebook page: “ new corporate headquarters is New York, New York. Peace out Minnesota. On to bigger and better things!” – Source

WCCO reported the offices of had been closed recently.

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  • His wife or soon to be ex wife is going at it on the wcco facebook page 🙂 . She is trying to stick up for this scam artist.

    • At some point, six actions by the Department of Commerce can’t be an accident, coincidence, or totally without merit. And he did sign the consent agreements.

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