United Credit Consultants and Credit Services McGlynn’s Plead Guilty

CBS Minnesota is reporting the following: “A credit repair business owner from the Twin Cities is pleading guilty to using tax money on his luxurious lifestyle. WCCO has been investigating Joe McGlynn and his credit repair companies since 2015. In April of that year, the Department of Commerce revoked the license for United Credit Consultants, …

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Are the McGlynn’s Trying to Get Back Into Credit Repair?

A reader contacted me and said, “Tara [McGlynn] is attempting to open a credit repair business on her own, apparently. repaircreditpros.com” Joe and/or Tara McGlynn have had an interesting past in credit repair. You can read past posts here. RepairCreditPros.com LLC was registered with the State of Minnesota on August 8, 2017. The registered agent …

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Joseph McGlynn and CreditServices.com Found Incompetent by State

Joe McGlynn appears to have finally received the boot from Minnesota. For those who may be unfamiliar, Joe McGlynn and iterations of United Credit Consultants, CreditServices,com, and Your Credit Teams have been problematically in the news. In the past when I publish information about McGlynn, the comments get pretty nasty so we shall see what …

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