Residential Support Group – Consumer Complaint – March 24, 2017

Consumer Statement: I received a notice in the mail regarding a government program that we could be eligible for. The mailer seemed very legitimate to me at first. It gave a phone number for a “home retention specialist – available Monday to Saturday”, it mentioned that I could be eligible for government-backed programs HAMP, MHA, … Read more

Residential Support Group – Consumer Complaint – February 1, 2017

Consumer Statement: Left with the feeling of having been taken advantage of, I can’t avoid feeling all the mixed emotions that come with it like helplessness, stressed out and completely vulnerable to the terms and conditions of the mortgage lender because the alternative is to be homeless. Consumer Action Taken: Tried calling Leslie Castro many … Read more

Residential Support Group – Consumer Complaint – December 8, 2016

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: My wife and I received a flier in the mail addressed to my wife claiming they were “Making home affordable” and “Hamp” both government programs. We contacted them because it sounded like something that would save our home. Residential Support Group asked us for some basic info. After a few moments on hold … Read more

I’m Facing Foreclosure and Residential Support Group Won’t Return My Calls

Question: Dear Steve, facing foreclosure and I paid Residential Support Group over $3000 for modification back in August. Keep getting the run-around. No return calls etc. I have been “served” with court papers to appear in court re:foreclosure December 8, 2016. I cannot get anyone to call me back to tell me what I need … Read more

So Who is Residential Support Group and Elite Processing?

As typically happens, I received yet another request about a company a consumer alleged was charging them in advance for mortgage modification services. Additionally, the concern was there was little public information about the company. I’ve reached out to the company and requested information but by the time I posted this, I had not heard … Read more