I’m Getting Sued by National Collegiate Trust and I Don’t Know What to Do

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I’m being sued by National Collegiate Trust for $6345 and I don’t have a clue which loan this is in regards to or even the original guarantor for that matter.

What are my options, rights in regards to this lawsuit? How can find out if this is legitimate?


Dear Ann,

I certainly would not disregard the suit. If you do you will lose by default.

National Collegiate Trust loans have a number of issues and problems that can be raised in the defense of such a suit. Click here to learn more.

When getting sued your option is to get competent legal representation or just try to figure it out on your own. A good lawyer will probably get this case completely eliminated or get you a very good settlement on the amount owed.

One place to look for a consumer attorney would be here.

While the suit may be “legitimate” it is questionable if NCT can actually prove you owe the debt and they can validate the debt. If they can’t then they can not legally pursue you for this debt. But you’re not going to learn if they have the right documentation unless you push them to prove it.

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