Bankruptcy Judge Discharges All NCSLT Student Loans

Here is a very interesting bankruptcy case from earlier in 2020. Judge Jennemann had no patience for National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and eliminated the private student loans in full. She also awarded attorney fees to the consumer as well. This case shows, if a creditor claims your private student loans are exempt from discharge … Read more

Major Win for Consumers Against National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is On Hold

Attorney Richard Gaudreau sent me this timely guest post on the horrible National Collegiate Student Loan Trust mess. This has to be one of the classic debt situations that has no winners on any side. Student loan debtors are being sued and losing because they don’t fight back against creditors going after them for loans … Read more

I’m Getting Sued by National Collegiate Trust and I Don’t Know What to Do

Question: Dear Steve, I’m being sued by National Collegiate Trust for $6345 and I don’t have a clue which loan this is in regards to or even the original guarantor for that matter. What are my options, rights in regards to this lawsuit? How can find out if this is legitimate? Answer: Dear Ann, I … Read more

Judge Finds Nothing Funny About National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Action

InsideARM just published a very interesting piece on National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and a recent court action. It seems the judge was none too pleased by what was considered to be a bit of a trick to collect on this private student loan debt. The article says, “On May 6, 2016, Eaton Group Attorneys, … Read more

My Father Cosigned for My Private Student Loans and I Need Help

Question: Dear Steve, I owe north of $125,000 in private student loan debt all, $35,000 of which is accrued interest from deferment and the so-called “modified graduated payment plan” I had to apply for when I didn’t get any sort of job right out of college. All of these loans have been co-signed by my … Read more

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Loans Are Fundamentally Problematic

Attorney Richard Gaudreau unloaded on the issues facing consumers with National Collegiate Student Loan Trust loans in a recent piece on Huffington Post. Gaudreau expanded on many of the same arguments I’ve raised about this pool of toxic student loans. But Gaudreau added some new information that is very interesting. Having represented consumers in suits … Read more