I Want My 321 Loans Money Back. Give It to Me Now.

One of the side effects of writing about debt relief industry is sometimes consumers get confused that I somehow have their money from a company I wrote about.

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It’s the formula of a bit of anger plus some inattention that results in me receiving messages like “had account with you for over 2 years, payments made, you never paid my credit card debt, where is my money?”

The company 321 Loans is the subject of a suit by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and had a court appointed Receiver who took over the operation. Posts about the 321 Loans “adventure” can be found here.

The court appointed Receiver website for information on 321 Loans is at 321loanreceivership.com and provides the approved information and process for all consumers to follow.

As of today the Receiver has identified more companies swept up in this action. The new list includes:

321 Financial Education, 321 Loans, 321Financial,321Loans,321 Loans, Active Debt Solutions, American Advocacy Alliance, American Credit Shield, American Credit Security, Associated Administrative Services, Breeze Financial Solutions, Credit Health Plan, Credit Maximizing Program, Credit Specialists of America, Financial Freedom National, Guardian Legal Center, Guardian Legal Group, Guardian LG, Helping America Group, Helping America Team, Instahelp America, Institute for Financial Freedom, Jobfax, Paralegal Staff Support, Paralegal Support Group, United Financial Support, US Legal Club, ABC Business Trust, Active Debt Solutions Business Trust, Acquisitions Two, Associated Administrative Service Business Trust, BFS Business Trust, Blue42, Blue42 LLC Business Trust, Client Support Team, Cockburn & Associate, Cockburn & Associates Business Trust, Discount Marketing II, Fast Pace 69, FFN Business Trust, First Rate Holdings Business Trust, First Rate Holdings, Glasswell Capital Business Trust, Glasswell Capital, Guardian LG Business Trust, Halfpay International Business Trust, Halfpay International, Halfpay NV LLC, Helping America Borrow Business Trust, Helping America Borrow, HLFPP Business Trust, HLFPP, HP Media Business Trust, HP Media, HP Property Group Business Trust, HP Properties Group, Instahelp America Business Trust, JLM85 Management Business Trust, JLM85 Management, JLMLP Pompano Business Trust, MD Marketing, Nantucket Cove of Illinois, NOTT8PB, Omni Financial Management, Omni Management Partners, Omni Management Partners Trust, Opaque LLC, Opaque LLC Trust, Paralegal Support Group Trust, Pro Star, Shielded Network LLC, Summit Management LLC, Timing is Everything, US Legal Club Business Trust, Viking Management Services, White Light Media, and 321Loans Business Trust.

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The list of companies involved in this shutdown of this debt relief enterprise continue to grow.

And when it comes to refunds, there is no advice available yet. The Receiver website says, ” How do consumers request a distribution or refund? Please check back on this site at a later date for additional information.”

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