Will My Debt Create a Problem With My UK Disclosure and Barring Service Report?



I was in UK on study visa, i had been in UK back in 2002 to 2006 Nov, came home, stayed my for 11 months. got student visa again, then I went back to UK 2007 Oct, after my graduation I got back home back in Oct 2010 finally.

I have had couple of credit cards which was around 250 and another was 400 pounds. I had to use it,to pay my tuition fees off, I was paying them back, but unfortunately my student visa was expiring and I had come home, so I could not pay them off.

Now I need PCC from UK, will that affect of getting PCC? I am not coming back to UK, I need PCC for another country,

Thanks for your help.


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i need pcc from UK, will that affect of getting PCC? i am not coming back to UK, i need PCC for another country,
thanks for your help.



From what you have stated, you have had no issues in obtaining a Visa to enter and stay in the UK, and part of the process to obtain a Visa is a “PCC” or what they term now a DBS check.

It stands for Disclosure and Barring Service and is the same as a CRB or criminal record background check.

Owing money or having debts in itself is not a crime. The only time owing money may be seen as a crime is if a crime is committed to obtain the money, such as fraud, identity theft, etc.

From what you have stated you should not have any issues with getting a criminal background check here in the UK, just based on owing some credit cards.

Have you had any contact with whom you owe regarding the balances?




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