I Have No Confidence the Amount They Say I Owe Education Finance Partners is a Real Number


Dear Steve,

My past credit history has been a rocky road. I’ve had a few accounts closed/charged off due to having unreliable employment. I finally have stable employment and am finally able to start mending my broken credit.

While I was in college, I had taken out a couple of private student loans to help fund my education. These are the accounts that I’m struggling with now. I have been making payments on a student loan account through AES, which I thought was my only remaining account, for about a year now.

Then recently, I received a call on my work phone from Asset Recovery Solutions. I’m not allowed to take personal calls on my work phone so I returned the call the next day. They informed me that I have a debt of $17,000 with them that originated from a Turnstile Capital Management. I have never even heard of this company so I requested some sort of validation that this was a valid debt.

About a week later, I received a letter from ARS stating my balance was just shy of $9,000 and listed the original creditor as Education Finance Partners. Then I started doing my own digging and found tips for requesting validation. So I sent ARS a certified letter requesting validation, to include: Original agreements, anything containing my signature, proof that statute of limitations hasn’t expired, complete payment history including all charges assessed, and valid licensing for them to collect a debt in my state. Right at the 30 day mark, literally 30 days on the dot, I received a packet with their response. Included was a copy of what looks to be an application form requesting a $10,000 loan and a promissory note, both with only digital signatures that are a series of letters/numbers and both with Education Finance Partners name on them.

The dates on these forms are from 2007. I honestly don’t remember ever having dealings with this company but that was a decade ago. I also have a recently pulled credit report and nowhere on there does it have Education Finance Partners.

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My question is what amount, if any, am I required to pay here since they have given me 3 different values? Why are the 3 amounts provided to me all different? Am I even still obligated to pay since they didn’t provide me with all the requested information within a reasonable time and since the Education Finance Partners went bankrupt?



Dear Derek,

The easiest way to deal with this would be to find a local consumer attorney who specializes in debt collection issues. I personally think a consult, legal opinion, and representation will be well worth the cost of the meeting.

One place to look for such an attorney would be here.

The validation provided sounds sketchy and a letter from an attorney representing you could be a great value in making all of this go away.


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