I Have No Confidence the Amount They Say I Owe Education Finance Partners is a Real Number

Question: Dear Steve, My past credit history has been a rocky road. I’ve had a few accounts closed/charged off due to having unreliable employment. I finally have stable employment and am finally able to start mending my broken credit. While I was in college, I had taken out a couple of private student loans to …

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Why Haven’t My Parents Been Contacted Over the Defaulted Private Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, Our situation is a little complex, so please bear with me as I try to explain. My parents who currently reside in MD are legally responsible for a large, defaulted private loan that was originally in my ex-wife’s name many years ago when we lived in Rhode Island. In the early 2000’s, …

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Father Struggles to Pay Dead Son’s Student Loans

by Marian Wang, ProPublica, A few months after he buried his son, Francisco Reynoso began getting notices in the mail. Then the debt collectors came calling. “They would say, ‘We don’t care what happened with your son, you have to pay us,’” recalled Reynoso, a gardener from Palmdale, Calif. Reynoso’s son, Freddy, had been the …

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