CuraDebt Client Debt Settlement Agreement Makes Interesting Statement

People send me a lot of marketing information or agreements from debt relief companies. I finally got around to reading one I had received regarding the CuraDebt invalidate or settle program.

Way down on page 6 of 14 is this section which seems like good advice – keep your program short to avoid complications.

CuraDebt Systems, LLC has a standard practice of keeping program terms as short as possible to help Clients resolve their debts in as short a period of time as possible. CuraDebt has found that the shorter time period and the greater availability of funds decrease the escalation of a creditor in their collection efforts. The suggested max length of a program is from 24-36 months. CuraDebt Systems, LLC especially recommends that you make additional deposits to your Special Purpose Account whenever possible to accelerate the program and settle debts faster. Generally, more funds available mean that settlements can be made faster and accepted faster, thereby reaching the your goals sooner. If your program term is greater than 36 months, this especially applies to you.

So knowing that, what is the purpose of enrolling someone who lists their hardship as “unemployed” into a 64 month debt settlement program?

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