Soon Off On Another Big Motorcycle Adventure

Working from home like I do has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side I have a sweet commute and no office B.S. to deal with. Oh yes, I can also sleep as late as I want. Yesterday I slept till 11. Sweet! But generally it is up and at the desk at 8 AM.

On the negative side before I know it the day is gone and I have not stepped foot outside. Or from time to time I look up and realize it is 1 PM and I haven’t taken my shower yet. If you are a work at home person you know exactly what I’m talking about.

To help stretch my legs a bit we try to go and do something special each month. This month we are going on a 2,000 motorcycle trip on the Honda Gold Wing. I can’t wait to hit the road and just enjoy what the country has to offer. For me riding a motorcycle is my church. I meet so many great people, I witness loads of human kindness and I get to see more of the world and appreciate its beauty and miracles.

The route this time will take us down to warmer weather and we’ll cruise all of Florida before heading to the Varsity in Atlanta for a greasy hotdog. Since I’m thinking of food I’m also looking forward to dinner at Paula Dean’s restaurant in Savannah, GA. I bet there is going to be a lot of butter involved in that meal. I can only hope.

But getting away also has a painfully stressful irritant intermixed in it for me. Being away means I get backed up answering questions and boy do I hate to let you down.

Even though I’ll have a laptop with me and my trusty MiFi card for sweet internet access, I tend not to have the mental energy after eight hours on the motorcycle. I find that my ability to efficiently answer questions is directly proportional how much my ass hurts.

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This trip I also hope to do some more debt interviews so I’ll take my recording gear with me on the bike and get some more people to speak to you about what debt is like for them.

I’ve also enlisted the help of a couple of people in the debt field to help me answer questions during my down time. Soon you will get a chance to meet Mike and Susan on the site. They’ve done a great job in answering questions for me to approve.

Getting some help to keep the answers coming is not something I’ve done before. But in the interest of striking a more comfortable work-life balance it seemed to make sense. After my last trip where we toured the Northeast U.S. all I was doing was either driving or working. I’m not doing that again. I should know better that that, after all relaxing means not working every time we stop. Silly me.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter because I’m going to be sending pics from the road and you’ll get to see them that way. I can’t wait to share with you what I find.


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