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Will They Come and Take My Bed and Clothes If I File Bankruptcy?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

In the beginning of 2016 I had some cash saved so I joined a friend when he opened up his dealership. Long story short, I lost my initial investment, I wasn’t making any money, only a few commissions here and there and I began using my credit cards to pay my bills. I eventually realized that I needed to get another job and jumped from dealership to dealership, but I was still barely paying my bills. I own my apartment and I made that my priority, only my mortgage and car payments were being made on time, or being paid at all. Also in the middle of all this, my father in law decided to purchase a boat in my name, before my credit went down the drain. The boat was a bad purchase and is now sitting at the marina we bought it from, inoperable, now I also owe the bank about $20,000 on top of my $10k credit card debt ( my father in law abandoned the boat, and left it at that, since it’s in my name only).

Should I file for Ch.7 bankruptcy in Florida? Can they take my apt, car or any of my assets like furniture?



Dear Kyle,

Nobody wants you old shit. In Florida you may have enough of a bankruptcy exemption to protect your condo.

Stop wondering and go find a great bankruptcy to talk to about your specific situation.

Please read How to Find a Great Bankruptcy Attorney and get off your ass to get this situation resolved as fast as possible so you can begin building a better financial future.

The biggest danger with bankruptcy is dragging your feet. This will surprise you – Those That File Bankruptcy Do Better Than Those That Don’t.

Don’t assume the worst, go get the facts, and learn what you can from the current issues and don’t do them moving forward.

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  • A cryptic, to the stiletto point response! I love it! Hard, simple truth. One might wonder how the father in law bought a boat in the guy’s name. Something very weird there. Thanks for the stiletto of truth.

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