A Decade in the Closet Being Afraid About My Bankruptcy

flying fear afraid

I am still amazed when I read uninformed posts about why people are going bankrupt claiming there is no more stigma about bankruptcy. That is not true. People are going bankrupt because creditors are not allowing people to repay their debts with as much enthusiasm as the banks had when the person was borrowing the …

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7 Famous People Who Filed for Bankruptcy (and what you can learn from them)

Tax man troubles. Bad investments. Shady financial advisors. Lavish spending. These are some of the pitfalls that lead the rich and famous to file for bankruptcy.  Most famous folks end up filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a much less common form (7,735 filings in 2018, compared with 480,933 for Chapter 7 and 290,566 for Chapter 13). But some of their …

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For Two Years I’ve Been Contemplating Bankruptcy

Question: Hi Steve, First, love that you volunteer saving animals, I actually do the same! The reason I write you today is that for nearly two years I have been contemplating filing bankruptcy. Four years ago I came down with a debilitating disease and had to quit working altogether. Moved back with mom for day-to-day …

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