Boulder Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – February 23, 2018

Consumer Statement:

My fiancée and I received a debt consolidation advertisement from this company and thought we would like to have one payment for our multiple cards. We called and spoke to David Harris. He declined a consolidation and told us about the program to settle our credit card debts. They would save us almost 15 thousand dollars. He said our “near perfect” credit scores would take an initial drop but rebound after they started settling our debts.

We were very hesitant to do this but he told us how great the program was and we would only pay $675 a month instead of the $1000 we were currently paying on our cards. We started the program in August of 2016. Immediately, our credit scores dropped from mid 700s to mid 500s and are now currently in the low 500s.

As soon as the first credit card was settled, Boulder called us wanting more money. Then our 2nd and 3rd cards were settled and Boulder called wanting even more. We were now at 1000 per month and paying the exact same as prior to being with the company. This is when things started getting very bad.

I was served papers to appear in court for 2 of my cards being unpaid. I called Boulder immediately and then faxed the summons to Boulder. They said this was normal and they would hire an attorney to settle these cases. It would happen quickly they said. I was served papers in May 2017. Boulder also stated they would not be able to settle any other credit cards while these were in litigation, so I was eager to get things going.

After 7 months of calling Boulder Legal Group and trying to figure out what was happening, the attorney they provided told me he still did not have both cases from Boulder. I was dumbfounded. 7 months later and Boulders hired attorney did not even have my 2 summons. The attorney, Whitney Whilchire, stated he would talk to Boulder and get these settled. I called Boulder Legal 11 separate times in January 2018. Each time was a different representative who did not have any answers for me.

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When I asked to speak with management or the litigation department, I was told I was unable to and management would call me back if I filed a complaint. I filed 3 complaints in January and never received a single phone call. Meanwhile, the attorney appointed by Boulder Legal Group stated he had settlements and had sent them to Boulder.

Boulder customer service told me multiple times they would be settled within a week. This never happened and I kept calling trying to get someone to help us settle these cards. Management still never call me back. Litigation department never called me back. They continued to pull nearly $1000 from my account monthly.

When I last called on Jan 25th, I told the customer service agent I NEED to speak to someone or I was going to cancel the program. He stated they would call me within 72 hours. Again, I never heard from Boulder Legal Group. So we decided to cancel the program. When we did the customer service rep told us management would call us within 72 hours. The call never came.

Since canceling, I have settled the cards myself within a week. Boulder took almost 14,000 and settled 8,800 worth of debt but only paid 3,000 of that. Since canceling, some credit cards have needed letters from Boulder who has Power of Attorney on our cards.

We have requested Boulder to send the cards letters. They have not. I have requested the settlement letters from the cards Boulder settled. I have not received. Our credit is ruined!

Consumer Action Taken:

I have called over 20 times in the last 2 months and have asked to speak to management. They have never connected me or called me back

Date This Problem Happened: April 10, 2016

State You Live in: Nevada

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $8537.56

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Company Name: Boulder Legal Group

Company Address:

200 NE
Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64086

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