I Can’t Quit the Debt Program I’m in That I Think is a Scam

Question: Dear Steve, I am at the moment involved with Rockwell. I cannot financially afford to just quit the program and lose the money I have paid them and still settle my debt. Therefore I am sticking it out as long as I can (also buying time to correlate getting out in a better manner). … Read more

Lawsuit Goes After a Gaggle of Entities in the Settlement Industry And Lays Open Law Firms Involved

Ice Legal out of Lake Worth Florida has found a target in firms that were engaged in debt settlement. I’ve just discovered a complaint filed in Florida in March 2020 that targets Strategic Financial Solutions, F.Solutions, Strategic Client Support, Summit Client Services, Ryan Sasson, Kimberly Celic, Lauren Montanile, Wyolaw, Jason Blust, Guillermo Geisse, Timothy Burnette, … Read more

Boulder Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – September 11, 2019

Consumer Statement: Hired Boulder Legal Group to settle 12 accounts over the course of 4 yrs. Paid $785/ month for 31 months and they had only settled 3 accounts. Little over $24,000 was paid to them and those 3 accounts didn’t even add up to that much. My entire debt was approx. $35,000 and now … Read more

Boulder Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – December 6, 2018

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: I signed a contract with Boulder Legal Group to get out of about $26,000 of credit card debt. They arranged a draw of about $559/mo for 32 months and I agreed to pay approximately $18,000 over that time. Towards the end of the arrangement I wanted to speed up the process, so I … Read more

Boulder Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – February 23, 2018

Consumer Statement: My fiancée and I received a debt consolidation advertisement from this company and thought we would like to have one payment for our multiple cards. We called and spoke to David Harris. He declined a consolidation and told us about the program to settle our credit card debts. They would save us almost … Read more

Boulder Legal Group, Global Client Solutions – Consumer Complaint – November 18, 2017

Consumer Statement: Boulder Legal Group and Global Client Solutions have taken $6,38.78 out of the $11,760 I’ve paid them to resolve my debt without ever having settled ANY of the 5 accounts I signed up with them. Consumer Action Taken: I’ve called repeatedly and have asked for answers only to get “we’ll send out a … Read more

My Dying Aunt Signed Up for Pebblestone Financial and Boulder Legal Group

Question: Dear Steve, My Aunt and Uncle just signed up [near start of February] with a company Named Pebblestone Financial which uses a Legal firm Boulder Legal Group LLC. I am concerned. She told her sister my mom, we live next door. I wasn’t there for the interview. She is on hospice and I know … Read more

Boulder Legal Group and Global Client Solutions Contract Raise Questions

A reader forwarded to me a debt relief services contract from Boulder Legal Group that says it is the services of the Law Offices of Camron Hoorfar in Summit Missouri. The agreement certainly appears to include costs and fees in advance of settling the debt. What makes this contract even more interesting is the Global … Read more