I Was Injured Lounging at the Hotel Pool and Can’t Afford the Medical Bills


Dear Steve,

Scores in mid to upper 600’s needs improvement. Cannot afford negative marks on credit report.

Injured lounging hotel poolside. resulted in one ER visit resulted in 3 bills. hotel dragging feet, deny liability and now claims payment delayed because I don’t have most recent bills. anyway. the largest of the three was just sent to aggressive collection. pay in full 5K within weeks or on your report. make arrangements, on your report as bad but paying off.

Contesting starts investigation that will say my ER bills. what happens if I file suit against hotel before collection company deadline they gave me? does it make ANY difference in how they can proceed??



Dear Anita,

I’m afraid you don’t have much of an argument here about your hospital bill liability. When you enter the hospital, at some point, you are asked to sign a number of documents. One of them is a statement about personal responsibility for the bills you will incur.

To avoid that responsibility the hotel would have had to agree to take on that liability when you were treated by the hospital.

You can certainly sue the hotel for damages. Be sure to consult with an attorney who is licensed in your state about your case.

But your case against the hotel is a separate matter from the liability to the hospital for the medical care you received. Since you were treated in the emergency room, getting three bills is not uncommon. You may have received one bill from the hospital, one from the doctor, and another for imaging services.


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  1. Hi Steve, this is really coincidental that we were just having the discussion here at the firm about why more people don’t sue hotels. Virtually all hotel franchise agreements require unusually large policy limits and extraordinary amounts of excess insurance. As usual, you gave Anita the best possible advice. Well done, sir.


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