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Vatterott College Students and Faculty Better Get Ready for Bad News

Written by Steve Rhode

Students at Vatterott College should do a little emergency planning. It appears the accrediting organization that they brag about giving them their quality rating is about to pull the plug.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) has just informed the school, they suck. Actually, the notice says concerns over the school’s performance were raised in 2014 but the school has not taken sufficient steps to remedy the performance issues.

ACCSC says the school is missing the target when it comes to “student achievement and continuity of management.”

This is an alarming issue after the recent burn to the ground episode with Education Corporation of America that lost its accreditation and closed, abandoning students and leaving them without degrees.

Vatterott College is said to have “failed to demonstrate successful student achievement by maintaining acceptable rates of student graduation and graduate employment in the career field for which the school provides education.”

The ACCSC gave the school until December 17, 2018, to submit a going out of business teach-out plan.

It does appear that in many of the fields the school provides instruction on, student performance has failed to meet the minimum targets. For example in the HVAC degree, only 33% of students graduate. The results are worse for Medical Assistant with Office Management (22%) and Pharmacy Technician (17%).

The Most Important Questions Vatterott Students Need to Ask Today

Students should immediately start making calls to other schools in the area and find out which ones would accept Vatterott transfer credits if the school fails.

If the school closes, those who have not graduated or just graduated may be eligible for forgiveness of their federal student loan debt. Those owing private student loan debt will be stuck with it. The school appears to offer federal student loans to pay for education.

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A loss of accreditation can lead to a loss of access to federal student loan money to keep the school open.

If any faculty or students have questions about the school I would urge you to talk to your school representatives immediately and ask them what the plan is for dealing with a potential and imminent loss of accreditation by ACCSC.

Typically these situations don’t end well.

You can read the letter from ACCSC to Vatterott College below.

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