I Previously Filed Bankruptcy and Still Owe a Lot on an Old Student Loan


Dear Steve,

1. It was recommended to file chapter 7 (approximately 15+ yrs ago) Not able to discharge student loans -still have to date. Any exception to the rules to request a review of student loan only. My credit is excellent to date

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2. Any an all exception/ rule/ regulation I paid the total amount due by customer service rep in 2014 approx 10,000 and apparently additional 1200 remains outstanding) In addition, to the still remaining 2/2 student loan originally 24,000 18 yrs later owe 60.000.



Dear Patrica,

Paying off the $1,200 would be cheaper than a second bankruptcy at this point.

The bigger issue is the second loan. It appears the balance is substantially more because you were on an income-driven repayment plan or you were on forbearance or delinquent at some point.

Is that larger loan a federal or private student loan. Please let me know in the comments section below.

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