It’s Official, Congress is Making Up Student Loan Solutions on the Fly

Paolo Bacigalupi’s apocalyptic novel The Water Knife is a tale about the struggle for water in the desert Southwest. Lucy, one of the novel’s lead characters, is an investigative reporter trying to understand the major power players who use the law, violence, and vigilantes to control water for their various constituencies. At some point, Lucy … Read more

Student Loan Limbo and How to Get Out and Get On With Your Life! – Podcast

The issue today is that there seem to be so many conflicting stories and so much misinformation about student loans, people have become frustrated. Student loans are a major problem for most of our listeners and the nation. Not only are they unaffordable but they are also dragging down all consumers with higher prices, and … Read more

Mass AG and Bar Association Lead Way to Help Student Loan Debtors File Bankruptcy

This recent release from the Massachusetts Attorney General office caught my eye. Wow! What makes this announcement so refreshing for me is it directly speaks back to all those lawyers and consumers who incorrectly insist there are no options for student loans in bankruptcy. There are. AG Healey Partners with Mass Bar Association, Greater Boston … Read more

Seniors and Income Based Repayment of Student Loans

By Eric Olsen Executive Director HELPS Nonprofit law firm, www.helpsishere.org You may have received a notice about a defaulted student loan and do not know what to do. There are many articles on the internet with incomplete information that scare seniors into thinking that they are going to lose their social security. This article will … Read more

U.S. Department of Education Announces Loan Counseling Experiment and New College Completion Toolkit

Earning a college degree or credential is one of the best investments students can make for themselves and their families. Each year, millions of students enter college, and many of those students receive Federal Pell Grants, Direct Loans, and other federal financial aid that helps make their educational aspirations a reality. Yet many students lack … Read more

FACT SHEET: New Federal Guidance and Resources to Support Completion and Success in Higher Education

“America’s path to progress has long depended on our nation’s colleges and universities – and today, that’s more true than ever, when a college degree is increasingly a ticket to 21st-century careers and a secure middle class life or better,” said U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. “Higher education is the gateway to … Read more

I Paid Off My Student Loan But My Tax Refund Was Captured

Question: Dear Steve, Back in 2011, I paid off my student loan in full for $10,152. I had purchased a money order at United States Post Office. I received a settlement of close to $100,000 at that time in March 2011. I wanted to pay off my loan so I wouldn’t have to think about … Read more

Will My Social Security Be Garnished for My Student Loans? – Ruth

“Dear Steve, After graduating from college with approximately $150,000 in student loan debt I worked in my field for 9 years all the while faithfully paying about 50% of my income to repay my student loan debt. After 9 years I found myself unemployed and then underemployed. I am currently repaying on an income-based plan. … Read more

Can I Still Do an Adversary Filing on My Old Bankruptcy Over Student Loans?

“Dear Steve, My wife and I filed for bankruptcy in 2005. I tried including my student loans but was told I couldn’t. I was never told about this adversary filing. I filed for bankruptcy as a result of medical illness. At that time I was Declared legally disabled for a closed period of time.(yes during … Read more

Got Student Loans While on Active Duty in Army. I’ve Defaulted. – Justin

“Dear Steve, 12 years of military service. 1 bad decision to get student loans while active duty. I have accrued some debt with student loans while on active duty and have defaulted because I am overseas and don’t have the info for the lenders and now Im afraid they are going to take my tax … Read more