Trade Guardian Looking for Sales Representatives

Someone told me about a site named TradeGuardian.com. The site says this about the company:

“Company Info:

13 years of experience in debt collection, debt negotiation and debt settlement.

Our network law firms have had similar experience in collection, further strengthening our ability to assist our clients in handling their debt.

We have 5 years’ experience as a large commercial collection agency and an expert in asset recovery.

We have vast knowledge of judgment enforcement techniques including levies, wage garnishments, property liens, and other measures.

Our trained and monitored collectors ensure compliance with the FDCPA and applicable state laws that regulate the collection industry.

We have insider’s knowledge of creditor and collector tactics, thus strengthening our ability to assist your clients in handling their debt settlement needs.”

At the time of this posting, the domain name for the company has been active for 88 days.

If you just look at the front page of their website they describe doing all sorts of things except “credit repair” but on the about page the specifically says they do.

The company seems to be under the control of a Mark Anderson and/or Bad Credit Go, LLC. Trade Guardian is a fictitious name that was filed for twice in a short period of time. The first time Mark Anderson said he was the owner. – Source, Source

Things seem to be busy at Trade Guardian and I received the following screenshot from a Mark Anderson looking to do credit repair on behalf of others but allegedly they need help closing all the leads coming in.

The Trade Guardian website says they offer debt settlement in every state, at least that’s how I read “National Debt Settlement.” They also claim to offer debt management, which is typically consumer credit counseling but their description sounds more like debt settlement.

What would be interesting to know is if consumers are being charged in advance for these services by either Trade Guardian or the company they farm the leads to.

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If you have any information to share about Trade Guardian, please post it in the comments below.

I’m curious that they appear to pitch themselves as a debt relief operation but also offer an “Online Reputation” monitoring service.

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1 thought on “Trade Guardian Looking for Sales Representatives”

  1. Steve fantastic job in research of Trade Guardian. We have been an ever developing firm that was seeking its identity for sometime. We have taken many avenues as most young companies do to find its true path.
    I love being in the financial industry and I love helping people. So one aspect in helping people with debt was debt settlement. So we became an authorized debt settlement affiliate with Advantage Legal, and Curadebt. Now we haven’t had many cases come through for those services and in fact we took them down from he website 2 days ago 7/22/19.
    We now entirely focus on credit repair, credit building, FDCPA violations, and credit management. We have put together a strong system and a proven process. We are a 60-90 day credit repair firm that focuses on clients seeking to obtain a mortgage.
    We have found that our main competition in this area is L******** Law. Their model is much different in pricing and activity. So for the consumer that is not in a rush for results then LL is affordable but read the online reviews to hear about the success. Not impressive.
    A second niche we service is timeshare owners whom stopped paying for their timeshare and their credit had been beat to no end. We actively dispute these cases and are extremely successful.
    For the timeshare owners that haven’t stopped paying and want to get out of their contract we assist them in getting out of their timeshare contract as well.
    The other service you spoke about was reputation management. As we are called Trade Guardian we developed a commercial side to the company that was focused on business credit and online reputation. Well we started to realize we are spreading ourselves to thin and It has been removed from our site also.
    The last service that has been cut from the list of advertised services was student loan consolidation. We are currently disputing student loans for clients but have not moved forward into offering refinancing but we are an authorized reseller of those services from Advantage Legal and Curadebt.
    In final we are a family operated credit repair firm located in downtown Orlando, Florida. We focus on results and education with the hope we fix current client credit issues and educate them to change bad habits. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us anytime at 407-807-0753 and ask for Mark Anderson.


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