Trade Guardian Looking for Sales Representatives

Someone told me about a site named TradeGuardian.com. The site says this about the company: “Company Info: 13 years of experience in debt collection, debt negotiation and debt settlement. Our network law firms have had similar experience in collection, further strengthening our ability to assist our clients in handling their debt. We have 5 years’ …

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Former Legal Helpers Employee Wonders About Colonial Law Group

I received a tip from someone who claimed to be a former Legal Helpers Debt Resolution employee who pointed out something I should look at and raised an interesting observation. The person wondered if Legal Helpers Debt Resolution may have some relationship or link with Colonial law Group since, as they observed, the client agreements …

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Colonial Law Group Client Agreement Reviewed – My Readers Are Awesome

Just a few hours ago I posted Colonial Law Group and My Enrollment Center Sent a Paralegal to Meet With Me and asked if anyone had any documents, please forward them. Well I now hold in my hand a consumer agreement for Colonial Law Group that appears to answer some questions. The only one that …

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